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HSM (Hunting Shack) Ammo: How's the Quality?

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Just bought some HSM (Hunting Shack) .357 Magnum ammo and sadly discovered tiny rocks in about 35 of 50 HP's (Federal 140-gr. bullets).

After digging out the 2 - 3 rocks in each cavity, I also found 1/2 dozen rounds with tiny holes penetrating past the bottom of the HP cavity and possibly all the way through into the case of powder (???).

Naturally I expressed these same concerns to HSM in Montana via e-mail and am waiting for a reply.

This is my first experience with this company and I've heard good things about this place that manufactures tons of practice ammo for many PD's around the country.

My first impressions of this stuff is that I'll never Hunt or Shackup with this ammo again. ;)

Feedback, anyone?
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I've been to their plant and shot quite a bit of their ammo with good results. I suspect the "rocks" you found are corcob or walnut cleaning media left over from polishing. They won't have any effect on training ammo but if you use it for carry I'n probably knock them out.
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