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Hurricanes Blow (Part II)

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With the size of Francis, and it's current tracking (as of 2300 last night) it looks like all of Central (again but this time the east coast) & Northern FL is going to get slammed.

Yesterday we went out and stocked up on some things... can goods mostly, oh and TP. People are taking this seriously in the wake of Charley.

And, if I don't know if I'm a Huricane Magnet or what (was in NC for Bertha and Fran in 96) but I'm located at 28.880N, 81.690W. If you've tracked Charley and plotted the anticipated track of Frances I'm right there!

Luckilly, Charley moved SW to E of us (putting us on the western edge) so we were not on the bad side, only got heavy rain and light wind.

Current tracking puts Frances moving SE to NW (putting us on the eastern edge), this is not good as those familure with hurricanes know.

The only thing I'm really worried about is the Oak trees around the house, with the huge limbs that hang over it. I've TOLD Cindy's Uncle about this. The funny part is that we are in the process of finalizing the paperwork to do an purchase from owner... we'll see. :twisted:
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Well, try to see the bright side....if the house gets damaged badly enough, you can get a good discount for a "fixer upper!" :wink:

Seriously, I do hope you and yours will be safe. Keep us updated. Keep the cell charged, and if possible, get a couple of spare batteries for it and have them fully charged, also.

I'm sure we don't need to worry about guns, ammo, etc....I pity the idot who might try to victimize the Schmidbauer household. (Your new "kind & gentle persona" will take a vacation during times of crisis, I trust.)

(Get a generator!)
This Hurricane Frances is no foolin' around. It's currently a Category 4 and headed for possible Category 5 status. It is also TWICE the diameter of Hurricane Charley, and the entire eastern coastline of Florida is under possible threat. I'm not so much worried about Schmit's house as I am worried about his life, and all others of course. Believe it or not, there are people who have tied damage from Hurricane Charley and other storms into possible election affecting nuances in our economy, which makes perfect sense, but that's a huge discussion in and of itself, depending on when this and that happens, etc.

Not to worry… Schmit laughs at hurricanes! He stands in the teeth of them, his shirt open to the waist, the winds whipping his sleeves and curley locks like a hectic Heathcliffe on the moors, or Fabio on the cover of a trashy bodice-ripper!

G'luck, Gunny!

Well, my wife and I were at our timeshare condo at Daytona Beach, but we bailed out last night (Wednesday) and headed back to Tampa. They were talking about a mandatory evacuation by 2PM on Thursday and we didn't want to get caught up in that traffic.

We are watching this one with almost as much concern as we had for Charley, which was expected to roar up the mouth of Tampa Bay until it turned at the last minute. Tampa is still within the "cone of possibility" for Frances, but I really don't expect it to come this way.

I'm just the opposite of Schmit, I repel hurricanes. There have been a few hurricanes predicted to come directly to where I was that turned at the last minute, including one many years ago which was expected to devestate New Orleans. I'm thinking about hiring out as a "hurricane repeller" who will travel to threatened areas in order to turn the hurricanes. :wink:

We saw a lot of Charley damage along A1A in Daytona Beach, including loss of a few roofs, loss of lots of windows and business signs and a couple of motels which are probably permanently out of business. One of the big hazards now, besides Frances being a bigger storm, is all of the Charley debris which is still on the ground and available to be picked up and becoming missles all over again.

Good luck Schmit, and keep your powder dry.
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At this time, still not knowing where Frances may decide to go, my house may not be in the best location for this offer, but if you have to bail from your castle and need a place north of yours for a pit stop, feel free to come by Nemo's at Jax.

Best of luck to you and all other Florida storm riders!

My address off to you by PM.
Seems all Hurricanes end up in Richmond no matter where they land. Richmond is already flooded to hell. Everything is still soaked and all the water catch spots are still full. This one will do a lot more damage just from the rain alone... because even a little will cause flooding again and this time it's going to be on full effect. A HUGE sink hole opened up not very far from my Mom's house. I've reasons to worry about another one opening up under the house or the house just getting washed away.
And it's this bad all the way up in Richmond... I really feel for you cats down in Florida getting the full sound and fury too.

Utah, we just have heat and drought and crickets... Oh, and Nuke Tests.
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