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I love engraving

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Here's a few photos made with a Sony DSC S50

This is work by Ken Eyster of Ohio. revolver is a S&W M-67, a very early model.
I did the photos :)
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Ditto on the WOW!

That is some beautiful work!

Just noticed this forum is titled "Nature Photograhy", sorry. :oops:
I have many more beautiful gun photo's, where should they be posted?

Now that I looked again, you're right. That was the nature photography section.

After staring at the computer screen for a while the best place I could come up with is here in the Handguns section. Sorry about the confusion. Keep posting those great images!
Wish I could afford to own and shoot something like that.

If I was able to purchase an engraved firearm it would probably become a safe queen because of the purchase price.

Keep posting those beauty's.
Where in Ohio, please?

Ok I found him, Centerburg, Ohio.

You took great photo's, keep it up. :wink:
Where ?

Lucky Joe
The last address I have is ;

Heritage Gunsmiths
6441 Bishop Road
Centerburg, Ohio
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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