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Picked this up the other day. I dont know much about it, except that it's a mauser, 8mm built in 1944.

I took all the markings down and they read here. " There Are " 2 swastika's on the reciever. The one swastika has a mark below it Wa,AB? Something like that? d o u 44 stamp on top of reciever.


serial # (I think?) 605 on bolt/reciever/inside of wood stock.

A 605 cc, stamp on inside of wood stock.

C B stamp on barrel

d o u ABC or (A80) or (ABG) ?? Hard to read ?

A # 2 stamp underside of barrel

A stamp underside of barrel of C 1.

S on bottom of reciever located by screw hole.

Bottom plate has a mark of byf on bottom. I'm not shure this is for this gun or not??

Anyone know what I have?? Or what it may be worth ???. I know its missing the top hand grip thats made from wood. The upper ring band.. And ring spring... I want to clean up the stock by using a paint stripper. NO SAND PAPER !! And re-stain it. Do you guys recommend me doing this?? Will it hurt the value if I re-do the stock??? Its pretty dam ruff " as-is" . Please help !!! I will attach some photo's.


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Alot of parts get # on the German stuff in fact my G43 has everything # down to the lugs on the bolt.The more numbers you find match of coarse the better and it's good the stock is number inside.As far as cleaning the stock I have used Easy Off oven cleaner in the past worked pretty good.Now here is a repair on a K98 Surplusrifle Forum • View topic - BLO Finish with an Oil Scrub

I recall something years ago with the stock I redid weras IF I remember properly were one moistens a dimple,exposes to low heat over stove and buff with 000 steel wool.You need to look that up it worked pretty good in some order there.

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Before you try any strong cleaning of the stock try soap and warm water. I got an old Trapdoor and after washing unit markings and cartouche that weren't there magically appeared.

The procedure for raising dents is to place a wet rag over the dent and then steam it with a hot iron. Done carefully you may not even have to sand or refinish
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