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I'd like to see....

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We've all seen how popular the Retro look is in cars, and also Cruisers.

Why not sportbikes?
We already have some neat examples, like the Eddie Lawson Kawasaki.
What I'd like to see, though, is one of the bikes that looked so cool to many of us as kids- the Euro-style Cafe bikes of the '60s and early '70s. The only close thing out there is the Royal Enfield Clubman 500S;
-but it's hard to get excited about 24 whalloping horsepower and scary drum brakes.

Triumph could do a nice version based on its current Bonneville:
Add bobbed fenders, a low bar or clip-ons, a solo seat and relocated footpegs and controls and you're there.

Anyone else interested in this kind of bike? You get a chance to blend a historical sportbike look with modern functionality. Of course, it won't be the fastest missle on the road, but it might be a lot of fun, and you get a warranty.
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How about the Ducatti 750 Street Cafe racer from that time frame?

But why stop at sport bikes....

How about a mechanically updated Knuckle Head (best looking engine HD ever put out IMO)

Why not a repro WWI / II Harley?

Or what Harley should have done for 2003 was a Limited edition (updated mechanically of course) 1903 Harley... ya know that first little single engine putter that started it all.
Schmit- the Ducati 750 idea is a real good one- I actually was stareing lustfully at a Ducati Diana photo in a recent motorcycle classics magazine when I had the idea for the above project. There is a big Ducati dealer in Richmond, Va. that has some older bikes- Very Tempting. Cafe bikes from that time period just seem aesthetically special to me. I'm just not Jay Leno- anything I buy has to be fairly practical or can't justify the space and expense. It kind of makes owning a real Classic (like a BMW R90S- Yes!) problematic. I'm also old enough to like things like disc brakes and electric starters- hence the tweaked Bonneville idea.
Turns out all the parts are availble- now I just need the cash.

About the idea of an HD classic- I thought they already were. The original single is a good idea, though, I think. Speaking of Classics reborn, have you seen the new Indian Springfield? ... ldMain.cfm

Very pretty. Seems like it's right up your alley, too.
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Bonneville Project

Was at the local show & shine Sunday motorcycle gathering. There was a youngster there with a stock, new Bonneville dressed in period appropriate attire, down to an "Ace Cafe" patch on his leather. He turned me on to this site-

Great stuff. Feast your eyes on this-

Where's my damn credit card, and how dare it be already maxed?
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