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The match results are in and can be found here.

Congratulations to the following shooters:

Dave Sevigny - CDP Champ with a score of 139.30 (1st Overall)
Scott Warren - ESP Champ with a score of 144.94 (2nd Overall)
Danny Pate - SSP Champ with a score of 166.40
Ron Rhoden - SSR Champ with a score of 237.97

An extra congratulations to Dave Sevigny for taking High Overall. The folks at Glock should be proud. Dave took the title using a stock Glock 21 with 230 grain ball!

The Bob, Weave & Duck award goes to Ernest Langdon. Instead of shooting against Dave Sevigny in CDP with his new Sig P220ST Langdon Signature model, he shot a Sig 228 in ESP, coming in 4th (6th overall). I hope for his sake Dave doesn't shoot ESP next time ;)

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Since the year 2000, the Carolina Cup continues to be one of the best IDPA matches. Several unique shooting challenges with several props, vehicles and moving targets. Frank Glover and his crew are the best.

At this years match, I fired a GLOCK model 21 with a Warren rear sight. I stippled the frame on this pistol which gives it a nice touch.

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