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I'm talkin' BEEF

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Alright, I'm getting this party started. Let's see if I'm the only one that enjoys a good steak.
What do you folks do to your chunks o' protein before you slap 'em on the grill? Are you the marinade type or do you like to slather something on as it sizzles? What a sexy word, i'm gonna say it again. SLATHER. That's right, those mouths are watering.
So what's up? Gonna share some recipes?
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You make it sound so good I don't have time to post a recipe because I'm now hungry and going out to eat. Later. :D
Why ruin a good steak by putting something on it? And it needs to be medium rare. On occasion I will eat it with some of my wifes canned apple/cokecheery jelly. Now that's a treet fit for a king. :hypercolor:
One marinate I use when I have time to soak the steaks for a while is the following mixture: Paprika, seasoned salt (no MSG kind), black pepper, onion powder, freshly crushed garlic, bay leaf and red wine.

Now, if you are cooking a real good steak all you should need is a little salt and maybe some pepper to flavor. I miss going to Sparks in NYC. They cook a good steak!

Beer and deer go together well, heh. But for cow, it's sweet on it's own. Good aged beef is not a given anymore, is it? A baked potato and a great steak is delicious indoors or out. Damn. Now I'm hungry! ;)
One of the things that needs to be done before putting any seasoning on (prior to cooking) is to sprinkle salt over the meat (or make sure that it is one of the main ingredients in the seasoning). What the salt does is break down/open up the surface of the meat so that the flavor can get into the meat deeper.

One of my favorites is flank steak that has been covered with fresh crushed garlic for a few hours (about 5-7 cloves per side). Leave it on when grilling and you get a nice roasted garlic crust over the meat.

i like to soak a good ribeye in peperoncini juice for about 8 hours before i grill does that taste good!! also use some of that montreal steak seasoning on it... what you end up with is a good and spicy steak
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