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Impulse Buy - Damn my Lack of Willpower!

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Okay, I was at my favorite local gun shop today (on business, swear to God!!) and there was a little pistol in a nice satin lined case. Nicely polished blue steel, well crafted, attractive lines. Used of course, but just barely, and definitely not abused. The price was reasonable so I went for it.

It's a Walther PPK/S in .380. Not a huge fan of the caliber, but she looked so nice. On close examination it is a well made pistol. It's marked Made in West Germany and Imported by Interarms. It has Pachmayr Signature grips on it...some nice fake ivory might look good on her though.

I always liked the look of the PPK/S...yeah it has a long kinda stiff double action pull, but the single action isn't bad at all. It's heaver than my Airweight 442, so IO don't think I'll be carrying this one, but I might have to check NetFlix or Amazon for a couple of Sean Connery Bond flicks. :)
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Welcome to the club.

When Interarms first started making them in this country I went out to the police supply store and bought #1053 (they didn't have 1052... started at 1000) for a backup gun. The 10 code is just for you Terry.

Some time later when Walther introduced the P-99 I was able to get the same number...:cool:

Now the original PPk does have ivories and MMC adjustable sights... talk about overkill...:oops: (blush)
Right on both counts, but you missed one.

When S&W started making them under license the bottom of the slide was so sharp it left a pair of railroad tracks on your hand.

The swapped one problem for another. They got rid of the hammer bite by extending the beavertail but you still had to get a low grip.
I recently picked up a Nazi marked PPK .32 and it was almost as bad as the .380.

The comment about the trigger is spot on. Back when I thought I was a gunsmith I spend a lot of time trying to improve the DA trigger but the geometry is simply wrong for DA and the trigger doesn't have enough leverage. About the only thing you can work on is the spring and about the time it starts to feel reasonable the gun won't go bang.

The new crop of locked breech .380s like the Ruger LC 380 are a whole new ballgame though. They are pleasant to shoot and some of the new ammo is pretty cool.
Snake's right.

Terry anything less than ivory will get your 007 card pulled...
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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