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Impulse Buy - Damn my Lack of Willpower!

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Okay, I was at my favorite local gun shop today (on business, swear to God!!) and there was a little pistol in a nice satin lined case. Nicely polished blue steel, well crafted, attractive lines. Used of course, but just barely, and definitely not abused. The price was reasonable so I went for it.

It's a Walther PPK/S in .380. Not a huge fan of the caliber, but she looked so nice. On close examination it is a well made pistol. It's marked Made in West Germany and Imported by Interarms. It has Pachmayr Signature grips on it...some nice fake ivory might look good on her though.

I always liked the look of the PPK/S...yeah it has a long kinda stiff double action pull, but the single action isn't bad at all. It's heaver than my Airweight 442, so IO don't think I'll be carrying this one, but I might have to check NetFlix or Amazon for a couple of Sean Connery Bond flicks. :)
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The Walther PP series like the PP, PPK, and PPK/s are the "1911" of the .380 world.
No one ever quite managed to get as many features and such high quality into a .380 auto as the 1929 Walther design.
It's still quite capable of handling business today.

It's only down side is that it's been overtaken by developments.
I owned several PPK/s models over the years for use when a larger gun couldn't be carried, but when I saw my first Kahr Arms K9, I bought a stainless K9 and sold the PPK/s.

The K9 is about the same size package but in 9mm, with a far simpler action and superior DAO trigger, better grip, and better sights.
Still, if I had to carry a .380, it'd be a stainless PPK/s.
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