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Impulse Buy - Damn my Lack of Willpower!

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Okay, I was at my favorite local gun shop today (on business, swear to God!!) and there was a little pistol in a nice satin lined case. Nicely polished blue steel, well crafted, attractive lines. Used of course, but just barely, and definitely not abused. The price was reasonable so I went for it.

It's a Walther PPK/S in .380. Not a huge fan of the caliber, but she looked so nice. On close examination it is a well made pistol. It's marked Made in West Germany and Imported by Interarms. It has Pachmayr Signature grips on it...some nice fake ivory might look good on her though.

I always liked the look of the PPK/S...yeah it has a long kinda stiff double action pull, but the single action isn't bad at all. It's heaver than my Airweight 442, so IO don't think I'll be carrying this one, but I might have to check NetFlix or Amazon for a couple of Sean Connery Bond flicks. :)
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Didn't miss anything--both my original Walthers do the same thing.

The hammers don't bite me, the slide does. And spending its energy chewing up my hand surely can't do anything for its functioning/reliability, either, I'm sure. :(:???:

My Beretta 70 is a much more comfortable and enjoyable gun to actually shoot for that reason. (And, it's slim!)
Agreed. The Walther has the style points, but the Beretta Model 70 is the better gun in pretty much every way except style (although, I like the style of the 70). Mine is lighter, slimmer, and has a better trigger than the PPK.

My Astra model 3000 is also "better" than the Walther IMO.
Well, I changed out the grips on my PPK/S - damn, that is one tiny-headed little grip screw - and in my eye the checkered tulipwood grip panels sure look better, and even feel better to my hands.

I have fired 50 rounds through it...half Gold Dot JHP and half PMC Bronze FMJ. No functioning problems so far, accuracy was quite good for such a small gun and no rail road tracks on my hands. I take as high a grip as I can get on the gun, but my hands, although a bet fleshy (like the rest of me) apparently don't present a target for the slide.

I even splurged on a Galco (don't groan) Executive shoulder rig for it. It's the one that simply has an elastic strap running to the off side that clips to the belt or trousers. Actually works really well for carrying. Not a rig you'd want to wear if you were in a physical tussle, but for discreet carry.

Now if I could just get Deb to let me call her by a sexually suggestive nom de guerre...:D
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