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Info for Stevens 56

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This looks like a place someone can help me out. I don't really know all that much about guns. I've shot a couple of times, but that's really all. Yes, I'm a total newbie and my knowledge is limited to a few handguns.

Anyway, since my parents moved to the farm my father has been saying he wants a .22 rifle. I found one at the gun show. It's a Steven's Springfield Model 56 and have been having some trouble finding any information about it online with a google search. I've managed to find some extra clips and parts, but that's about it. I was looking for a little more than that though like History, Year made, and anything else that would be good. I wanted to put it in a package for him and give it to him on his birthday next weekend.

I don't think it's a real valuable or super special gun considering what I paid for it, but it's in real good condition (had a buddy check it out but he didn't know about the specific gun) with original 5 round mag. Came with a scope and everything. He hasn't shot in about 30 years and it's pretty much what he wanted so I think he'll like it.

If you can help it would greatly appreciated.
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sevens...well if i remember right, that was made by savage, for Sears & Robuck, back before the 1970's, or maybey it was J.C. Penneys. they both had sevral gun companys makie rifles for them to sell, there pretty well made guns for the price that they were made for.
There was a Stevens model 65 made in the very late 60s.That would be a bolt action with a 5 shot clip.I find a stevens model 56 no description-made1933-45.I hope this helps some.Stevens and savage using the stevens name made literally millions of 22 r.f rifles in a bewildering array of model designations . :shock:
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