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Hello. A good friend ordered a Tripp Research CobraMag to try in his Les Baer .45 pistol. The gun fed fine, but was picky with which magazines it would reliably lock back the slide on the last shot. He'd tried practically all of the name brands with no 100% results.

Today, we got the chance to fire 200 rounds of a small assortment of ammunition through the pistol using the CobraMag. This ammo was:

A handload using a Precision 200-gr. coated, hardcast SWC

Factory 230-gr. Remington Golden Sabers

This is the Baer and Tripp magazine and ammo type used in today's admittedly limited test. It is designated by product number A8MG.(You can tell by looking at the pistol that my buddy uses it very frequently).

At Tripp Research I read: "This 8 round .45 magazine was designed specifically to hold 8 rounds. It is not a 7 round design modified to hold 8 rounds."

Handling the magazine, I was impressed with the smoothness of the follower in the magazine body and the magazine just exuded quality. I was very favorably impressed.

The magazine's concave base is visible as is the steel portion of the follower that contacts the slide release. It won't wear like some plastic followers can.

From the side, you can get a different view of the follower, lips, and markings. This magazine works fine with magwells also.

Another view...

Cutting to the chase, the magazine worked flawlessly. Feeding was noticeably smooth and the slide locked back when the last shot was fired w/o fail. Insertion was trouble free and the magazine dropped freely when the magazine release was pressed. In short, the magazine functioned with 100% reliability.

As time permits, this magazine will be used in other 1911's and with a considerably more varied sortment of ammunition, but it appears to be a fine product for 1911 enthusiasts.

.45 ACP CobraMags are available in 7, 8, 9, and 10 shot capacities. The 7 shot magazine has a welded floor plate. I believe the others have the molded floor plates.

At you can read about the specifics on these magazines if interested.

I think they've got a winner with the CobraMag.

Now, if they'd just get 'em out in .38 Super!

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