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Interarms PPK/S not feeding right

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As the title suggests, I recently bought a used Interarms Walther PPK/S in .380. I like the gun in that it's much easier to conceal than my S&W 910 (915 actually) but it "pauses" or just plain stopswhile feeding the first couple of rounds.

My guess is that it's the angle of the feed ramp. I have tried both round nose ball as well as Fed JHP's with the same problem in both magazines. The gun is very clean and I can't find any damage to the ramp or the chamber.

Has anyone had a similar experience and or a suggestion for a fix?

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I've had one for years and it never has choked. It really isn't possible to make a diagnosis like that without being able to look at it and since most fixes might involve removing metal or changing parts I think the best bet is to get a real gunsmith to look at it.
While it is possible that the feedramp is the problem, I doubt it. It should feed FMJ ammo, at the least.

Charlie is right that the problem is hard to diagnose without seeing the gun, and I too suggest taking it to a gunsmith. However, since this is the internet -- and a certain amount of speculation and gratuitous suggestions are expected [ :wink: ]-- I'll offer a couple of comments.

As a blowback gun, proper function is going to depend on achieving a balance between the recoil force of the cartridge, and the forces resisting that recoil, such as the slide mass, slide friction, and recoil spring and hammer spring tensions. Even the magazine spring tension pressing up on the slide plays a role.

Since you have a used gun, it is possible that the gun springs are worn. I could see how the "pauses" you experience could be due to a weak recoil spring. You could try ordering a tune-up kit from Wolff and replacing the springs. On a blowback gun I suggest replacing recoil and hammer springs at the same time, though you may have to experiment with different weight hammer springs to optimize functioning.

Also, while you say the pistol is clean, make sure it is properly lubed.

Make sure your magazines are in good shape, especially the feed lips.

Also, try a couple of more different kinds of ammo and see what happens.

The above suggestions range from free to relatively inexpensive, and generally fall within the do-it-yourselfer prime directive ("First, do no harm"). If things still don't work after trying them, then get thee to a good gunsmith.
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