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Interesting Engine

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I wonder when the last Rotary engine was used in a production aircraft and the first Radial.

Wikipedia and ye shall have some shot at knowing:

"C.M. Manly Constructed a water-cooled five-cylinder radial engine in 1901, a conversion of one of Stephen Balzer's rotary engines, for Langley's Aerodrome aircraft."
Radial engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"By the mid-1920s, rotaries had been more or less completely displaced even in British service, largely by the new generation of air-cooled "stationary" radials such as the Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar and Bristol Jupiter."
Rotary engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They needed Castor Oil as a lube?

Whose mind boggles.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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