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Intro...Lets kickstart this beast..Whadya into?

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Hello everyone,

I guess I should post and do an intro since I was asked to help mod this forum.

As seen from the name I am from Iowa. I am into all kinds of outdoor activities mainly guns and off-road motorcycling / ATVing. I grew up on a bike and have raced motocross, harescrambles, enduro, and about anything else that has a motor and wheels. If I haven't raced it, I have probably ridden it it or helped tear it up (machine-not land) I have many friends in the 4x4 world too.

I help manage and maintain the current largest ATV / off-road park in Iowa as well as do the website. Although I have a back injury that will soon prevent me from further riding (non-sport related) I still enjoy putzing around on my KTM LC4 and cruising the backroads to see what there is to see of nature. Just no more heel clickers right now : )

So introduce yourselves, just say hi and sound off with your experiences, tales, questions and what not. I don't know it all but I'm sure together we can have alot of fun!

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I just bought my first ever 4 wd vehicle yesterday! It's a 1990 Isuzu Trooper. I've got a little work to do to it but it's a solid vehicle and the price was RIGHT! It's going to be my new hobby. I've got a wiper problem to fix before I can get it inspected and on the road, then I've got to work on putting on some manifold gaskets and I should be set to go. I'm a real amateur mechanic so any advice will be highly appreciated concerning these Troopers!

Thanks, Rip
This is our Dodge Dakota 4x4 Factory Custom:
SprayLiner on sides, and over rails in bed, Flowmaster Force 2 right side exit exhaust, K&N FIPK, American Racing Polished Baja's on Pro Comp AT's, Safari bar, and KC flat Titanium Series Driving lights.
A Leer Yakima Edition Cap is on order
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im dustin, my enjoyments are horses, leverguns, single action sixguns, black powder cartrage rifles, big block chevys, and in genral raising hell with a big 454 in town
"I still enjoy putzing around on my KTM LC4 and cruising the backroads to see what there is to see of nature."

And that's the best reason to ride anyways.
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