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I've been talking to my mom lately about some family history stuff. Apparently, my latent love of and semi-talent for shooting runs in the family. She says my Grandpa, Grandma and my oldest uncle were all involved in competitive shooting up until the mid-to-late '50s. In fact, she says that when she was a baby, Grandma would shoot with her in a blanket-padded laundry basket, sleeping just off the line. Grandma said she figured all the in-utero shooting got mom used to the noise, so she slept right through it.

Mom also said that one whole room in their house was dedicated to the family shooting trophies (mostly Grandpa's), and that the closet in this room was converted to a gun locker. It's nice to find out that the apple truly doesn't fall far from the tree!!

FWIW, my grandparents were Julia and Bill Lux, Sr, in case there's anybody around who knew 'em!

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