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My older boy's mother-in-law showed me one of the family heirlooms. IJA&CW revolver in .22 rimfire (not sure which one). Looks to be in virtually outstanding shape except that I doubt the brass semi-circle front sight is original. Stocks flawless, very tight fitting and decent trigger in both SA & DA.

I recall seeing a picture of this thing (Numrich?). Anyone have a SWAG on value?

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William R Moore,

as far as i know, IverJohnson'r have NO collector's value. - "using gun" value only, imVho.
(fyi, i sold an IJ "snubbie" in 38S&W for 50 bucks not long ago - a local security guard needed a handgun & wanted anything that was CHEAP & FUNCTIONING, so that he could "go to work'. - it was both.)

yours, sw
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