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Re: Berrys Manufacturing

Nemo said:
Have any of you guys tried the Berry's bullets? They show the lunar landscape/acne kind of thing. But when I shot groups with them and compared them to the Win 40S&W 180 grain FMJ white box stuff, the difference wasn't signifigant.

Anyone?... Anyone?
:) Up until, about, 3 years ago I regularly shot tens of thousands of Berry's copper-plated bullets in, both, 45acp and 9mm. Maybe things have changed, since then; but, I never noticed significant, 'acne' on any of my rounds. If I remember correctly, the Berry's were completely plated; but the Ranier's had exposed lead at the base. Accuracy within 25 yards was, always, 'as good as I'm able to shoot'.

I've, still, got several thousand rounds of Berry's copper-plated bullets under my workbench. I stopped loading them when I began using my Glocks. For all practical purposes I'd suggest treating copper-plated bullets exactly as if they were lead - because in many respects, they are.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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