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If you think those little porkers are fun with a handgun, you need to step up to the Russians. After the first Russian Boar I killed with a handgun, I was hooked. Of corse for these boys I suggest that everyone leave their pistols smaller than a 40 S&W home. Sometimes they go done with one shot but often that isn't the case.
I hunted with some cops that tried to use their 9MMs and the bullets never penetrated the armor on the front shoulder.
The biggest Russian that I ever killed with a handgun was 380 pounds. We were trying out new Corban ammo for the 44 Mag. He was broadside at about 50 yards. I had time to take careful aim so I went for a neck shot. When I hit him he just turned at me and charged. I fired twice more hitting him in the center of his chest and he kept coming. Then I broke both front shoulders and this hog would not drop. He was still charging with two broken legs. My final shot was through his forehead at about 10 feet away.
My heart was pumping like crazy. What a rush! But with another bullet I believe that I would have had better luck. The neck shot didn't it anything vital and went straight through. The two in the chest went through the heart but had no expansion. When we retrieved them they looked like you could reload them back in another cartridge. Even the two that hit bones were only partially expanded. I used the rest of the Corban ammunition for target practice.
Bill Donahue
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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