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Jeffery Archery for a longbow or recurve?

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What do you think of Jeffery Archery? I'd like to get a recurve and learn to shoot it. They are local to me, hence my interest. Any tips on equipment or books?


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I have a Jim Taylor long bow. I wonder if it's the same company? Nice bow for a very reasonable price. Cost me $150Cdn about 6 or 7 years ago.
The Archer's Bible is a good book. Also don't buy a bow of a draw weight that you can't easily lift that same weight. IE. If you can't easily lift 50 pounds of dead weight, a 50 pound bow will hurt you.
If Jeffery Archery has a retail shop go there and get fitted. Arrow length is a personal thing. Too long or short is no good. And you'll have to decide on a long bow or recurve. They shoot and are shot differently. Recurves are usually easier to pull than an equal weight long bow. There's physics involved.
With either, when you draw, push the bow and pull the string at the same time. You should be at full draw by the time you've raised the bow to eye level. This uses your back and shoulder muscles instead of your arm. Much easier on you.
Thanks, Sunray. :) They do have a retail outlet and the elder Mr. J is 80 years young and still teaching. I'll ask about the Jim Taylor bow.
Jeffery is good stuff. The dad did work for Bear archery yrs ago, some of their best stuff. I have shot their recurves and longbows and they were very good at any price, let alone the reasonable price they were. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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