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West Virginia

It was on June 20th 1863 that West Virginia officially seceded from the state of Virginia. One of the main reasons for the split was pro and anti slavery forces. In the lowlands of Virginia there were plantations that owned alot of slaves and were thus PRO slavery. In the mounains, there were no real plantations to speak of and so was born West Virginia. Even though most of the state is below the famous Mason Dixon Line, it sided with the north in the Civil War.

One of my earlier memories was being on the flight line at Hart Field in Morgantown for West Virginia's Birthday Celebration in 1964. President Johnson flew in to speak to the crowd, and my mother had me dressed in a little sailor type suit. I was in my father's best friends arms on the Dias (he was running for Congress) and President Johnson grabbed my hand and shook it. I screamed out "Mommy, Mommy, his hand feels like an old BOOT!!" (his hands were callused from work on the ranch, and shaking untold thousands of hands). Everyone laughed except my mom who wanted to crawl under the stage :lol:

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