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Kel-Tec Rifles

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ok, ive heard quite some noise over the New Sub 2000 9mm folding carbine and the Su-16 5.56mm folding carbine, and im halfway intrested in getting one, the SUB 2000 looks good to me, but i have had NO experience with a 9mm in a rifle format, and no experience with a folding or take down rifle, the selling point for both is they are folding and compact for storage, they use either a Glock 19/17 mag for the 9mm, or a M-16 mag for the 5.56mm NATO. ive shot dozens of rifles in .223/5.56mm, but not a takedown one, and the only pistol caliber carbine ive shot (beside .357 mag/.45 colt/.44 mag lever guns) is the Auto-ord's Semi-Auto Thompson .45 ACP...and although expesive it was a great gun. any info would be great.

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What specific info are you looking for??? I own both guns you mentioned and have sold some of each.

The SU-16 is a nice rifle, I did not get a chance to shoot it for accuracy so I cannot give any comment on that aspect of it. The nice aspect of the Sub-2000's is the ability to use the same magazines as a possible carry gun.
The SUB-2000 is a serviceable pistol caliber carbine that has the advantages of being relatively inexpensive, taking common pistol mags, and folding into a compact package. I find it particularly appealing to keep in a vehicle in those jurisdictions where I cannot lawfully carry a handgun and want something compact and discreet. It is no substitute for a rifle-caliber carbine or battle rifle, but far better than having nothing.
mike, my main use is going to be as a longer reaching PDW, it aint no H&K that i used in the army...but it beats a broken bottel it would serve as gun to have when a firearm hanging from the truck gun rack would be...inapproparate
be sides, it looks fun!
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