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Kerry the firearms phony…

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Smoke and mirrors for the media. The man is a snake scumbag. :twisted: :twisted:

Sorry Mr. and Mrs. snake.
Joe Forte said:
The man is a snake. :twisted: :twisted:
I resent that! And so does the lovely Mrs. Snake! :D

What's wrong with the picture?
1. No eye protection.
2. No ear protection.
3. Got his left eye closed with a shotgun. In fact, it looks like he seems to think he's shooting a rifle.
4. Photographer seems to have been standing a little too close to the muzzle/line of fire for my comfort. If Kerry let--or worse yet, directed--someone stand there while he shot, both of them are idiots.

At least he seems to be leaning forward, not backwards like so many novices and morons.
Thanks Joe. No offense taken of course, I was just havin' some fun witchya. :D
Well, I have spent many an hour in the field with a hunting firearm without hearing protection, but eye protection became mandatory a looong time ago, when I was in my late teens. Since I don't hunt any more, all my shooting these days includes both. If I were to take up hunting again, I'd give some serious consideration to a set of good electronic muffs.
What's with the yellow wristband?

Is he on out-patient status?

From the State Home for the Bewildered?

:), Art
I think he is adopting this for political purposes.
Snake45 said:
Joe Forte said:
The man is a snake. :twisted: :twisted:
I resent that! And so does the lovely Mrs. Snake! :D

What's wrong with the picture?

3. Got his left eye closed with a shotgun. In fact, it looks like he seems to think he's shooting a rifle.
I'm sorry,

My dad taught me to shoot a shotgun while I was still single digits in years.
Never remembered to tell me to open both eyes (since he had already taught me to shoot a rifle already).
I didn't learn I was supposed to use both eyes until in my 20's.

Still can't do that. I shoot better one eyed still.
Come to think of it, he's prolly got BOTH eyes closed....

I notice he's got his mouth OPEN, though, as usual...

"Wow, this quail is really fast, he reminds me of that deadly vietcong sniper terrorist I shot in Viet Nam as he was running to get a better position to shoot at my band of brothers...did I mention I won the Silver Star for that...."
Quail? Dan Quail? :roll: :wink: :D

Maybe it's just my neck of the woods, and maybe my demographic (18-25 year old semi-hipster west coast kids), but the Livestrong bands are very popular. They're supposed to be on 2-week backorder or something, I didn't think about getting one so I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure Kerri Walsh (the blonde on the Olympic Champion women's beach volleyball team) had one of these bands as well.
His hearing probly hasn't been so good anyway since he shot that nekked kid in the back in Vietnam.

Probly struggling with guilt, too, over that, as the only reason I can imagine why he co-sponsored the bill that would have banned semi-auto shotguns with pistol grips and prohibited gift transfers of firearms.

Unless he's a hypocrite.

Naaaaaaaa. Ya think?
Drudge is all over the story of Kerry accepting a shotgun he wants to ban as a gift. This was in WV. Since he isn't a resident of WV, doesn't he have to go through a FFL? Looks like time for aggressive prosecution of existing firearms laws to me.
TB ---

Actually what took place is not illegal as long as the 4473 was properly filled out when the firearm was purchased. Question #1 asks if you are the actual purchaser of the firearm. Even if you are purchasing the firearm for a gift, it is legal and proper for the "buyer" to answer yes. Once you take possession of it, it is legal to make the firearm into a gift.

Also, long gun purchases are not subject to being only allowed within the state of residence. Now, if it were a handgun, Kerry would not be allowed to purchase it in WV seeing as he holds a valid Mass. Drivers Lic.
I know it's legal to give or receive a gun as a gift. I know that long guns may be purchased from an out of state FFL, if it is legal in the state of purchase and the state of residence.
Is it legal for a non-licensee to transfer a long gun to someone from out of state? I didn't think it was.
I would think that is in a grey area --- as long as the giver "owned" the firearm in question --- he can "gift" it to anyone he wants as long as the receiver of the gift is not prohibited from possessing a firearm.
If the "giver" is not a serial transferrer without lic. I would think the BATFE would not get involved.
"Accusations fly over shotgun gift to Kerry"

"Internet reports and the National Rifle Association said Tuesday that a shotgun given to Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry by the United Mine Workers in West Virginia on Monday would be illegal under legislation Kerry co-sponsored."

smoke and mirrors

It's all smoke and mirrors anyway. The second amendment was never about hunting. He can say he's a hunter all he wants and it means nothing regarding the 2nd amendment.
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