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Kimber 1911 .40S&W To 10mm Conversion

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Hello, I've been an on again off again fan of the "Centimeter" and recently stumbled upon a bargain priced series 1 Kimber Classic in .40S&W.
I reamed the .40 barrel resulting in an amazingly well supported chamber then added a 22lb recoil spring and 25lb mainspring, installed the newfangled AFTEC extractor and headed to the range with boxe of ammo from mild (UMC) to wild (handloads tested in a lunchbox Nowlin/Para).
The mags, Brownells/Shootin Stars that needed the HD Wolff springs!
The gun is absolutely flawless and accurate beyond any measure I'd hoped for!
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A very interesting conversion. I have a few questions though. Did you have concerns about the additional chamber pressures since the original design was for only the 40 S&W? How did you modify the magazine well?

Colonel G

I am a Kimber Master Dealer and according to their 2004 Catalog they are making a factory 10mm (Item #3200107 Stainless Target II -- MSRP $1046.00).

As to "conversion" and the mag well --- I don't think there is any modification required. There are 10mm 1911 magazines on the market and they fit into a standard 1911 frame.

no assumptions here

Not assuming. Sounds like a Delta Elite set up. Have one with both 40 and 10 barrels and mags. Same set up. Just change barrels and mags.
what ever happened to your 10mm USP 40?
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