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Last purchase?

Was browsing the racks of the local gun shops when I spotted a NIB, pre-ban (SN 061XXX) SA M1A rifle. Walnut stock, USGI chrome bbl, w 2 USGI hicap mags, sling, cleaning kit/oiler/combo tool in stock, the works. Asking price was $1450. There had been lots of interest in it but no buyers. We settled on $1100 and I am very happy w that. Had the gunsmith give it a once over before the sale just in case. Turned out to be a much better shooter than I deserve.

Of course, I had to get a bayonet for it; didn't want that lug going to waste. ;)

I like buying old guns in excellent shape at good prices. Before this there was a 1967 Rem 700 BDL in .308 w 3x9 Redfield, and a SA M1 Garand (1943) ...
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