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News of a major victory in California for firearms manufacturers spread swiftly across the Internet Friday afternoon, within an hour of Superior Court Judge Vincent DiFiglia's ruling from the bench that a three-year-long attempt by the Brady Center to blame gun manufacturers for criminal activity was not worth taking to trial. Cybercast News Service broke the story, and then Reuters carried it, relying heavily on quotes from National Shooting Sports Foundation Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane about the powerful impact of the ruling as the latest in a string of victories. When the Washington Post ran the story, that paper also mentioned similar victories since Boston withdrew its lawsuit a year ago for lack of a case. Since then, suits in Wilmington, Delaware, and the District of Columbia were similarly dismissed.

Surprisingly, the Wall Street Journal ignored the major story development in California, running instead, on the front page of its second section, a story about the upcoming trial of a suit brought by the NAACP against firearms makers. The Journal's story contained further attempts to prop up the same allegations of industry wrongdoing that were tossed out in the San Diego court case. Resources listing the status of lawsuits against the industry, and reasoning from judges hearing them, can be found on the NSSF Web site.
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