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Limp-wristing the G17

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I just started my two sons (10 & 12) on practical shooting. I bought two G17's and 3 extra ten-round mags for each of them. They also have their lil' kydex holsters, magpouches and rig belts. It's so cool to see them all rigged up for competition! :D

However, they have been kinda' frustrated due to the inmense amount of failures to feed they've been having. These almost invariably occur on topped-up mags and maybe with the second and third shot, especially to my 10 yr old who's +/- 40 pounds lighter than his older bro. The misfeeds occur with factory ammo (Win 115gr white box) and some more with the softer-shooting handloads I prepared for them (115gr Rainier ball over 4.0gr of Vihta Vuory N320 @ 1.126 OAL). However only to the boys, when I shoot 'em the little tupperwares go flawless.

My two little offspring are still small and they simply cannot grip the pistols as I can. They battle it out with the recoil and flip with their shooting stance. I have not changed their recoil springs thinking that lighter springs would not help solve this problem, nor soften the recoil my lil' guys feel. Am I right?

I believe the factor here is the 10 round mags and their spring. These Brady-pleasing mags are hard to load even for me :x Almost a week ago I fully loaded all of the mags and stored them in the safe to try to soften them a little. If this doesn't work, I'll clip a coild of the bottom of the springs and try again.

Any feedback on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated, especially by the two lil' swabbies.

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The boys' stance

Mr. Petty, thanx for your prompt response.

I tell you, one of the beauties of seeing my sons shoot is they way they manage recoil by using the modified isoceles stance. When we started dry-firing I immediately got 'em out of using the Sonny Crocket stance they've seen on tv.

We'll work on the strong isoceles some (with the locked elbows) to try to provide a more solid platform, but like you say it may increase the felt recoil and maybe put them out of balance a bit, especially the little flyweight.

Will inform on the results.

Again, muchas gracias!

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