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Can you load to the rim then crush like I've done with black powder?
Good question, and the answer is that it's not recommended. A representative from Hodgdon, Ron Reiber, has said that compressing TrailBoss is not necessarily dangerous but can result in erratic performance (Handloader Magazine, June-July 2016).

Hodgdon's recommendation is to consider a load that fills the case to the base of the bullet as the max; 70% of that would be the recommended starting load.

Following this advice I load 10 grains of TrailBoss (about 80% of below-bullet volume) in a .30-06 case and top it with a 245 grain cast lead bullet. Shooting these out of my 1903 Springfield is very pleasant and puts a pretty good thump on steel at 70 yards. The only reason I chose the 80% level is that that load causes my battle sight to be zeroed with that bullet at that particular range. If I changed bullet or range I'd simply adjust the charge up or down to keep the sight zeroed.
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