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Louisiana Fishing Expeditions: Fishing Report

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Friday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Don and his crew from Alabama. Mr. Don has fished with me several times in the past but the pressure was on this time as he had boosted to his group on the way down of how many fish they were going to catch. That would turn out to be no problem this day because the group of four limited out on Speckled Trout. 100 Speckled Trout was the final count of the day! We used live shrimp to catch the trout and it didn't matter if you used a cork or fished it on the bottom.

My group of three (Bo, Kevin, and John) that I was fishing with from Sunday to Wednesday went home with a huge box of fish. Tuesday & Wednesday were Redfish days as they limited out on Redfish. Wednesday was Big Bull day because after catching their limit of these it was catch and release for the rest of the day. Look for structures in shallow water because this is where they have been.

Summer is here and the fishing is only going to get better!!!


Capt. Ben H. Leto
985-630-2066 (cell)

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