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LOUISIANA FISHING EXPEDITIONS: Sunday & Monday's Fishing Report

Sunday was another day of fishing with Teresa and Baron, even though Teresa wanted to sleep in. The weather was bad but we stayed in close, just 10 minutes from the dock, and managed to catch 39 Big Beautiful Speckled Trout and their limits of Redfish. The Speckled Trout ranged from 1 1/2 lbs. to 4 lbs. It was a one stop place that produced these fish and we were back in by 9:00 am. before the weather turned really bad. All the fish were caught on live minnows which we free floated. Both said it was the best fishing trip they ever had and they were coming back with friends.

Monday was a Flat Boat trip with Dr. Cliff and again the weather was terrible. But as always with days like these, I stayed in close and we managed to catch 15 Big Speckled Trout and 4 nice Reds. The Speckled Trout were ranging from 1 1/2 lbs to the biggest one pushing 5 lbs. For the Redfish, we worked the banks using beetle spinners and the New Norton Brass Rattler lures.

Capt. Ben H. Leto

(985) 893-0180
(985) 630-2066 Cell
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