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M16 rifle grenade

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Hi all, I’ve recently come across some m195 556 grenade launching cartridges and am wondering where to find a launcher and how they work? I found some little spring clips that look like they snap over a2 flash hider. Any help would be appreciated.
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Wow, it's been a minute. I do recall that the spring clip thingie went behind the A1 flash hider, and I don't see why it wouldn't have worked as well with the A2 flash. Beyond that, the launcher was a deal that slipped down over the muzzle/flash/spring, and then you put a grenade in that, and then there was some kind of band you wrapped around the grenade spoon, and then you pulled the pin and launched. IIRC the shock of launching dislodged the retaining band, and the spoon flew off, and then the whole mess exploded downrange (hopefully).

I hope this is right. It's been almost 50 years, and we only trained on them for one day, and only with smoke grenades. Someone else might have better information.
I think it looked more like this one:

Now that you mention it, Kevin, I'm beginning to doubt that I ever actually fired an M16 rifle grenade, though I'm familiar with the little steel "hula skirt" adapter for them--I know my outfit had a number of M16 with those on them.

OTOH, I have distinct memories of shooting the XM148 40mm grenade launcher at least twice. On the first occasion, smoke or training grenades set the range grass afire a few hundred yards downrange, and the instructors had to run around stomping fires out. The other occasion involved launching parachute flares from them at night. I might even still have one of the mini-parachutes around here somewhere.
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