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Retired Lt. Gen. Charles "Chuck" Pitman Sr. (DoD Photo via Wikipedia)
19 Feb 2020
We Are The Mighty | By Joslin Joseph

Lt. General Charles "Chuck" Pitman passed away this past Thursday at age 84. His career spanned over 40 years, including three combat tours in Vietnam. He also was involved in Operation Eagle Claw, the attempted rescue of the American hostages in Tehran in 1980. He commanded an Air Wing and was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Marine Corps Aviation. He earned the Silver Star, four Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. But for all his achievements in uniform, Pitman is better known for ignoring military protocol and breaking a bunch of regulations so he could save lives.

The Rest Of The Story . . .


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Wonder who the Commandant was in 1973? And where his next posting was? He'd have never got his bird today, much less stars.
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