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MARLIN MODEL 30 TK lever action Texan Carbine, in 30-30 Win. The 18-1/2" carbine barrel is JM marked. This model all had the cross bolt safety and a 2/3 length magazine tube. The wood rates approximately 85%. There are the few usual handling marks in the wood but no cracks, no chips missing, the stock has NOT been sawed off, etc. The recoil pad is in great shape. The metal rates 80-85%. There is visual evidence of fine rust removal from the barrel at some point in the past. Sling swivels are intact. Does not appear to have been fired much. Marlin made the Model 30TK for only 3 years, from 1988 to 1990. This one was made in 1989. The Model 30TK was a special run sold exclusively through Kmart stores. The "K" designates Kmart, and the "T" designates that this is Marlin's beloved Texan model. The Texans had the scarce and popular straight-grip buttstocks, and they had JM marked 18-1/2" carbine length barrels. It is drilled and tapped for a scope mount. One thing unique to the 30TK, unlike other Marlin Texan models, was its abreviated magazine tube. Also, the way the magazine tube is attached to the barrel is different than any other Marlin model. That might be why lots of Marlin lovers claim this particular model to be one of the finest and most accurate Marlins ever made. $475
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