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It's way to easy to forget.
From Valley Forge to Falugia.

There's a rather distant relative who was in the Army Air Corps in WWII.
He volunteered to go to war to protect his country and family. He volunteered for the Air Corps, when he could have probably never seen combat.

One bright sunny Pacific day he and his bomber and crew went on a mission and just disappeared.
They was no distress Mayday, not one saw anything, they were just.....gone. Faded away into the West like too many.

There was nothing left but grieving family, a telegram, a star in the window, a Purple Heart, and a the agony of not knowing.
Now, most of those who actually knew him are gone too, and he's nothing but a fading memory, a few letters, and some documents and pictures.

He's still out there somewhere, still young like in the surviving photos he left behind.

Even on THEIR DAY, few of us take even a moment to remember them.
We don't have to have known them, or even know their names, but we should remember them.
They didn't GIVE their lives for us, they made the enemy TAKE their lives.
They should at least be honored for that.

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"all gave some, some gave all" RIP my brothers..

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Some Americans observe Memorial Day and attend local ceremonies.
Some Americans watch national ceremonies on TV.
Some Americans think that Memorial Day just means the beginning of summer.
Some Americans think of store sales.
Some Americans Never Forget. For them every day is Memorial Day.

Over one million men and women have died in service to our country.
A couple were my friends.
I know that civilians mean well when they wish you a Happy Memorial Day, but please don't. Thanks.

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We buried a bunch of sandbags in a government coffin, because there was nothing left of my boarding school suite-mate that could be "collected by graves registration" when he was blown-up during a rocket attack in Hue.
Cloyde has been gone since 1967, but it still HURTS when I think of him.

I had other friends who "walked on" while defending LIBERTY & the people of RVN.

PRAY, in whatever way that your faith allows, for our fallen HEROES of every war, as every day is a good day to remember their sacrifices.

yours, sw
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