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Miami Vice Motion Picture

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The below news release came out back in May of 2002. Has anyone heard anything new on the production? I can't find anything on the net. Last I heard (July 2002) Michael Mann was not going to use anyone from the original cast.
Posted: Wed., May 8, 2002, 10:00pm PT

Dish: Mann over 'Miami'U, helmer adapt TV classic for bigscreen

Joining the recent spate of classic TV series-turned-features, Universal Pictures and Michael Mann will give bigscreen treatment to the seminal '80s cop series "Miami Vice."

Film will be creatively steered by the man who gave the series a look and style that made it a cultural touchstone of the decade. Mann, who exec produced the series before moving on to become helmer of films including "The Insider," "Heat" and "Ali," will write the film script and produce with Forward Pass partner Sandy Climan. Series creator Anthony Yerkovich will exec produce. Once he completes the script, the CAA-repped Mann will decide whether to direct. It would become one of several next projects he's zeroing in on, with other contenders including an Eric Roth-scripted Western, a sci-fi project, an espionage thriller and a David Self-scripted adaptation of the Spartan epic "Gates of Fire."

Like another series-to-movie transformation, "Hawaii Five-O," "Miami Vice" need only retain a geographical location and theme song, but is not dependent on replicating iconic characters in the same way Paramount's "Honeymooners" remake is. Mann and U can exploit a branded title that portends a big opening weekend, even while making a film that is not meant as a trip down memory lane. Mann's goal is not to prompt baby boomers to dust off their pastel suits, go sockless or replicate fashion trends set by the show. Rather, he will look to create a contemporary crime detective story set in Miami. The series, which was a core part of a Brandon Tartikoff-led resurgence of NBC, revolved around detectives Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas). They were dashing but troubled undercover vice cops who wore designer duds, drove the coolest cars and boats, romanced gorgeous women as they collared drug dealers.

Defined by movie-quality cinematography and a Jan Hammer-created synthesizer background, "Vice" proved a hatching ground for talent like Bruce Willis, Chris Rock, Liam Neeson and Dennis Farina, the latter of whom went on to topline Mann's series "Crime Story." Mann and Climan just supervised the pilot of an untitled series for CBS revolving around the robbery/homicide division of the LAPD, toplined by Mann's "Heat" star Tom Sizemore.
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In February the British newspaper "Daily Mirror" interviewed Don Johnson. When the subject of the Miami Vice film was brought up, Don Johnson said he was "too old and craggy-faced" to reprise his role as Sonny Crockett. Instead he thinks actor Colin Farrel should take up the honors. He also expressed an interest in directing the film if Michael Mann produces it. Don Johnson previously directed four episodes of the original Miami Vice series.
I"ve met Jim Zubiena, at the

IPSC 1978 Nat'ls, on the SWPL'S home range, near LA. He's the guy who did the ccw draw with a lw commander .45, while a guy had a gun pointed at him, (but who got distracted).

Here is the latest according to the Latino Review:

There has been rumors that there is plans to bring Miami Vice to the big screen and today Jamie Foxx confirmed to Latino Review that he will be reuniting with Mann in this project. Confirming for the first time earlier rumors that he will be portraying Det. Ricardo Tubbs. "YEAH MAN, IT'S HAPPENING", Foxx told LR. When asked if Mann will direct, Foxx replied "HOPEFULLY HE WILL"

Miami Vice was a highly successful TV show from the 80's (1984-1989) that launched the career of Don Johnson into the stratosphere. No word yet in who might be playing the role of Det. James "Sonny" Crockett or if Mann plans to make this an action/drama or a comedy spoof such as the new Starsky and Hutch movie.
I hope Mann does NOT go the direction of a comedy spoof. Jamie Foxx as Tubbs??? :dunno:
Well, according to Variety...

Posted: Wed., Oct. 13, 2004, 10:00pm PT

U spices up 'Vice' plans
Mann in negotiations to pen, helm bigscreen redo


Cue the Jan Hammer music: The bigscreen version of "Miami Vice" is coming together now that casting seems to be under way. Universal is zeroing in on Colin Farrell to star as Det. James "Sonny" Crockett, and the studio is in discussions with Jamie Foxx to star as Det. Ricardo Tubbs....
Click here for the complete story.

The news has already made it across the pond...

Michael Mann To Remake Miami Vice

Will Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell be the new Crockett and Tubbs?
14 October 2004

"…Mann has decided to remain in his favourite genre - crime - and dip back into the wellspring of his past. For he is in talks to write, produce and direct a remake of his seminal '80s TV show, Miami Vice for Universal Pictures. And he's already targeted the actors to fill the rather over-sized jackets of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs - Colin Farrell and Mann's new favourite actor, Jamie Foxx."
For the complete story, click here.
Farrell does look good for the role of James "Sonny" Crockett in the almost certainly ill-advised movie big screen update of Miami Vice, with hot-as-a-zymack-pistol Foxx as Rico Tubbs.

And if you're worried about the casting of Foxx, Fernando, then you didn't see Mann's Collateral this Summer!
My concern was that Jamie Foxx has done comedy in the past as well. Before the announcement that Colin Farrell was tentatively on board, the film could have gone either crime/drama or spoof. With Colin as the pick for Crockett and Mann’s track record of films, it is almost sure to be a straight shooting, non comedy big screen rendition.

Miami Vice had many attributes that together formed a show we are still talking about twenty years later. It’s hard for any motion picture with a new cast to live up to that. But who knows, if it’s well received maybe that will help with the release of all five seasons on DVD. Now that would be great!

'Miami Vice' Stakes Out July 28, 2006
by Brandon Gray
February 3, 2005

Universal Pictures has targeted July 28, 2006 to uncover Miami Vice, director Michael Mann's adaptation of his 1980's television show. Colin Farrell, no stranger to action TV remakes after S.W.A.T., and Jamie Foxx, who previously worked with Mann on Collateral and Ali, take over for Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as detectives Crockett and Tubbs, respectively.
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Another UPDATE

According to Movie News...

Filming on the feature film adaptation of MIAMI VICE starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx is set to begin filming this spring with Michael Mann directing. To date little was known about the film but I got my hands on a casting call for the film that sheds a little bit of light on what we might see in Mann's big-screen vision for Crockett and Tubbs.
Click Here for the rest of the news.
And yet another...

From FilmForce...

When Will Miami Vice Shoot?
Farrell talks Michael Mann movie.

January 24, 2005 - Sounds like Colin Farrell will be stepping into Don Johnson's white loafers after all. The Alexander star said in an interview with The Telegraph that he will be in director Michael Mann's feature film version of the 1980s TV series Miami Vice.
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Foxx Talks Miami Vice
"It's going to redefine cool."

February 09, 2005 - Contact Music chatted with Oscar-nominee Jamie Foxx about his next project, the big-screen version of Miami Vice. The crime drama will be written and directed by Foxx's Ali and Collateral director Michael Mann.
According to Foxx...

"And it's going to redefine cool. You're going to see our Crockett and Tubbs suits and be like, 'I want those.' You'll see our car and you'll go, 'I want one of those.'
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From the Palm Beach Post...

Dark side of 'Vice'

Filmmaker Michael Mann, Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell and a handful of location specialists are scouring SoFla to prepare for the filming of Miami Vice, the movie.
"This is not going to be like the Starsky & Hutch movie," Peel said. "Don't look for stubbly faces and neon colors and jackets with the sleeves up to the elbows like they had in the '80s. This is a dark, gritty, updated version."
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Ugh....reading that movie release, Fernando, made me sick.

Crockett had a fling off and on with Gina (Pilot, Cool Runnin', Calderones Return Pt. 1, Nobody Lives Forever...), NOT Trudy....and he also had flings with Brenda (Nobody Lives Forever), Margaret (Prodigal Son...I LOVED how Crockett nailed her lying tail in that one), Sarah (OD'ed in Yankee Dollar), Daniel from the French Interpol (French Twist, he shot her in that one with the Bren10 from a bridge), Theresa (Theresa), and got married (Like a Hurricane) to Caitlan Davies; later she was shot in the back and murdered by an ex-death row convict/enemy in Season 4....which drove Crockett crazy....

Tubbs had a fling with his ex-GF from NYPD, played by Pam Grier (Rights of Passage, Prodigal Son, and one more episode that never was on NBC, but was 1st released on USA in 1990 during reruns...). He also had flings with other females (Angelina, Calderone's Daughter: Calderone's Return Pt 2, and Sons and Lovers) (Vanessa from The Great McCarthy) and (some chick, played by the same actress as Vanessa in the Season 3 episode about Calderone's son coming back for revenge on the island in the Caribbean..)

I am NOT looking forward to this movie. I will instead watch the REAL THING on DVD...I bet they don't use the Bren10 at all nor Jan Hammer scored music in this movie......
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It gets worse. Check this link out. Could it be a sneak peak into the Miami Vice screenplay? I hope not. :bigpuke:

YUCK!!!! This plot DOESN"T EVEN FOLLOW the series.

They need to pick up where MV left off, after Crockett and Tubbs quit the force in Free Fall (the series finale in 1989: Well, I am going somewhere south where the water's warm, the drinks are cold, and I don't know the names of the players....).

I won't go see it. I am pretty sure now, no Bren10, no Ferrari (Daytona blew up by Stinger in When Irish Eyes are Cryin'...I HATED THAT!!!), and no Jan Hammer......

:barf: :barf: :barf: :barf: :barf: :barf:
You guys are starting to scare me.

Do you go to conventions, dress like Crockett and Tubbs, trade action figures, speak Vulcan, etc etc etc.....?
My only complaints about Vice are the show didn't last longer (Nash Bridges outlasted it) and Warren Zevon wasn't featured on any of the episodes.

Snake45 - thems fightin words, Snake. Now go back to watching Charmed. 8) :lol:
Yeah, I always wondered why there was never any Zevon music on it. I'd think he'd have had at least half a dozen tunes that would have worked.

Charmed? Never heard of it. I will admit to watching 24, Lost, and Desperate Hosebags, though.
Here's a helluva parley!

Okay, so I'm a little late to the party…

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as Crockett and Tubbs in the film version of Miami Vice!

IMDB reports that Foxx can't wait to start work with Farrell because the actors have already built up a formidable off-screen chemistry following several meetings with director Michael Mann:
The chemistry between us is already there, like it was with me and Tom Cruise in Collateral, so making this movie is going to be a total blast. And it's going to redefine cool. You're going to see our Crockett and Tubbs suits and be like, "I want those." You'll see our car and you'll go, "I want one of those." And as for our women, man, you're gonna be like, "Now I gotta get me some of that."
This is virtually identical to the hype that Mann's P.R. office had Philip Michael Thomas "mouthing" 20 years ago, so the same flack-catcher/copy writer has kept his job for a remarkably long time!

The flick starts shooting this Spring and is planned for a July 2006 release.
I wonder if Bonnie Timmerman is going to handle casting. And if Jan Hammer isn't writing at least one piece for the film, Mann needs to be introduced to the AmBack Clue Bat.
May 2005

MIAMI VICE Casting News

Elizabeth Rodriguez, sister of director Robert Rodriguez, is set to join Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell in Miami Vice. Rodriguez had played character roles in TV series such as ER, Third Watch, and Six Feet Under. Also cast in the film are Naomie Harris, Gong Li, and Ciaran Hinds. The film is being written and directed by Michael Mann.
For more info, click here.
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