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Miami Vice Quiz

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What did Sonny see that caused this look...


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A letter from the network saying his show was being canceled? :lol:
A caption:

"Damn, I forgot my Depends!"

:lol: :lol: :lol:
He needed the Depends after the Daytona blew up. :D
Fernando Coelho said:
He needed the Depends after the Daytona blew up. :D
It was a dubious target for a Stinger demo, but the reaction was priceless.
Forgetting for a moment that the car was a rebodied Corvette, if someone took my Ferrari 365/GTB Daytona and turned it into a jigsaw puzzle in that way, undercover or not I would have used that nice Bren Ten to drill a nice .40 caliber hole in the guy's forehead.

Back to reality, when the heck is Michael Mann going to start preproduction on the Miami Vice motion picture? Where is Dean Speir when we need him.
Fernando Coelho said:
I would have used that nice Bren Ten to drill a nice .40 caliber hole in the guy's forehead.
Actually, didn't Sonny switch over to the S&W 645 by then? (Season 3)

P.S.: Didn't Sonny carry a S&W 745 during his brief stint of amnesia? (Season 4 Cliffhanger/early Season 5) It has been so long since I've seen those episodes.
They blew the Daytona up in “When Irish Eyes Are Crying”, which was used at the last minute as the third season opener. Crockett switched to the S&W 645 in season three and then later to a 4506. I just don’t remember which season he did that. I don't recall him using a 745. Although he did use a nice Detonics Combat Master for backup :D
I think it was when his co-star came to the set and announced he had detoxed.
The three episode amnesia arc should air around the end of the month on Spike TV (formerly TNN). I distinctly remember "Burnett" adopting a two-tone service pistol during this story arc. Perhaps someone was trying to be symbolic.

PS: The 4506 and and 6906 appear sometime in Season 5. I want to say that the 4506, if not the 6909, is one of the 3rd Gen. transitional models, which were equipped with 2nd Gen. rear sights.
Rumors are flying that a DVD collection is up and coming. Big problem appears to be in the licensing rights to all the songs that were used. I hope they get their act together and release the complete series.
That would be cool to have a DVD collection.

From what I've heard over the net the song licensing issue is the same thing that is holding up a WKRP DVD release. Who would have thunk all those obscure 70's songs would be worth so much 25 years later :D .

A few years back a small set of Miami Vice videos were released. Songs were changed on them for the same reason. Just wasn't the same as watching the original airings.

As expected, Mirror Image was shown this morning on Spike TV. The anmesiac "Burnett" appears to be using a two-tone SIG in at least two of the scenes. I honestly don't know where I got the idea that he had a 745, short of the two-tone finish.

Another thing which had not registered earlier...Julia Roberts has a supporting role in the episode.
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