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Michael Harries: When did he pass away?

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I was reading some of his classic writings, and started wondering about it.
I remember reading it at the time, but wasn't sure when it was.
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Check TGZ: Edited out of respect for knowledge and age delta


Go to TGZ's website. I'm sure you'll find your anwer there. Dean Mr. Speir has a lot on Mr. Harries.

We lost Michael… he'd cringe if he heard someone refer to him as "Mr. Harries"… on 25 November 2000, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, after a day of shooting at Desert Marksman.

Look in the "People" section of TGZ for a couple of obits and remembrances of Michael, and, this one should be intuitive, the "Michael" section for reprints of his "Observations" from Combat!.

Sadly, his long-time partner, student and leather-maker, Steve Henigson, reluctantly made the decision to discontinue the publication of that newsletter just this past week!
A shame.
I had looked around for it some on TGZ, but didn't see that.
I had read all of his "COMBAT" columns there a few years ago, and just started reading them again recently.
Good, valuable stuff.

That is bad news that the newsletter is being discontinued.
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