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I dropped a note on this to Dean and he suggested I post it here.

Back in '97 or thereabouts (holy crap! That's 7 years ago! It seems like yesterday.) I picked up a new Glock 33. The little pistol was everything I was looking for in an "off duty" pistol: Easily concealable in an IWB, fired a relatively powerful cartridge, had a decent mag capacity, reliable, more than accurate enough, et-cetera.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well I was able to shoot the "pocket rocket", even at very long ranges. Love at first sight-in.

Anyhow, shortly after I started carrying the little beast I was showing it off to some buddies at the range and it completely locked up on me. Closer examination revealed the lip that retains the spring on one portion of the telescoping guide rod had cracked, fatigued, and folded, and basically effed everything all up.

A failure that while not "catstrophic" in the sense of a Kb would have been quite the catastrophe had I been engaged in viewing the pachyderm.

One irate call to Glock later, I was the recipient of three new recoil spring assemblies and the "we've never heard of anything like THAT before" story.

I've been carrying and shooting the 33 with fine results ever since replacing the defective spring guide assembly.

Not one to be disuaded by a new pistol hiccuping, I switched my "work gun" from a Sig P220 to a G22, back to the P220 when the 22 experienced feeding problems, and now I have a new G31 for my daily carry pistol. It seems to be doing quite well.

Motivation for going to the 31? I found out first hand that the elephant is a greedy bastard these days, and sometimes he demands more than 8 peanuts per meal... and I'd rather be feeding him than reloading! Sometimes it just isn't a mano y mano toe to toe firstest with the mostest... bad guys sometimes like to move around and/or hide behind/in bullet resistant things while trying to put a new seed in your grape. And I'm here to tell you, .45 ACP is a great round, but barrier penetration wise it leaves a lot to be desired!

Still looking for the "perfect" combination of capacity, power, and reliability... hopefully the 31 is it. Oh yeah... and no little lip/flange thingy on the guide rod to muck it up! :D

BTW, in my younger days I worked at a pistol range, and have seen 1911s Kb, revolvers come unglued, an early (pre-grenade grip) Glock 17 slide crack at the ejection port, Berettas disassemble themselves while being fired, SIG frame rails crack, S&W autos with parts galore breaking and falling off, and AR-15 rifles go Kb.

So... I'm well aware that there ain't no "perfection" in the firearms world, period! I will say that the aforementioned Glock 9mm digested many, many thousands of rounds, and continued to work even AFTER the slide cracked. The point of impact did change, though, and Glock replaced the slide even though it was a range rental gun.

Thanks for the opportunity to share, bellyache, and vent.
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