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Monster Magnums & Hand Cannons!

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From the short rifle hand cannons from JD Jones and Thompson Center to the Casull (and the wannabees) and Linebaughs wrist wrenching custom Ruger conversions, if More Power is your motto the choices are many and varied.
The JDJ Customs and the T/Cs are precision shooting machines and the sixguns are handy holstered cannons, what's your favorite?
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Of the big boomers I've shot, the .480 Ruger is about the best combination of power and controllability. The hand rifles give you only a single shot at a time, the Blackhawk .475 Linebaugh is downright painful, even the .454 isn't pleasant after a few cylinders full. The .480 SRH with a 400 grain Lee cast bullet can be loaded to the same levels as a .475 Linebaugh if the shooter so desires. The Lee bullet has 2 crimp grooves and when seated out to the outer groove, the case has the same capacity as a .475 case. The SRH cylinder is long enough to handle it and will also stand up to standard pressures of the .475. Apparently, it is marginal for proof loads, which is the only reason I can see that Ruger doesn't chamber it in .475. I suppose a cannelure tool could be used to put a second groove on jacketed bullets if a person wanted to go that route, or possibly even ream the SRH chambers deep enough to take a .475 case.

Thanks for the input on the 480 Ruger, you know I have yet to see a bad report on the 480 Ruger!
Here in Los Anchorage we've got a huge segment of the shooting public with the big bores in all flavors.
Go figure!
I know around a half dozen locals that are all thrilled with the 480, methinks there's something about the .475 bore and the twistrate (?) that makes them highly accurate with most everything from Unique 10.0 loads to compressed h-110 loads!
I'm a little afeared of the new pressure Linebaugh loads in the Ruger tho.
Have you clocked your "warm" loads yet?
I do most of hunting with a handgun so I like the big bores for the larger animals.
I have .454 Ruger Super Redhawk that has been a trouble revolver since day one. Not as accurate or reliable as my Freedom Arms (took a 4X5 elk last Nov in Co with this one).
Also have a .500 Linebaugh with 4 5/8" barrel on a Ruger Bisley frame converted by Reeder.
My newest play toy will be the Smith X frame 500 mag when they decide to fill my order.
I like the big boomers.
Not yet Monte. 2 years ago when I got my 480, one of the very first to hit Montana, I was going through a divorce straight from hell, and ended up on probation for 2-3 years. I was able to put only a couple hundred rounds through it before I had to "dispose" of it for the duration of the probationary period, and my soon-to-be ex was in possession of my chronograph... and the rest of my guns... and most all of my reloading equipment... and my daughter... and my truck... and my cat... and my shop... and my house... and blah, blah, blah. It'll come back someday, I've currently got a petition submitted to the court to end and expunge this mess from my record.
my taurus raging bull in 454 casull is a smooth shooter even with 32 grains of h110.
I can shoot 100's of rounds without any discomfort.
I am rather hesitant at approaching the 37 grain maximum charges though.:)
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