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More bikes from Michael’s Bar & Grill

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Munenn managed to get down to Michael's Bar & Grill this past Sunday and took his camera with him. Here are some of the pics…

Jim's new toy…

Another British classic, the Ariel…

Triumph's new Rocket III…

Don't know why this was there...

Munenn's tricked-out Suzuki…


Close-up of the front brake from a Norton…

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I'm loving that Guzzi. So sexy.
That new Triumph... that has got to be the ugliest engine on a bike I've ever seen. Looks like it should be in a tractor.
You oughta see the left side!
Dammit!! Jim bought my bike. I am still saving my pennies for the Nero Corsa. So sweet.........
He told Munenn that there are currently only two in the country. Now that sucks!
Munch, man... chill out... you'll get your bike.
I think I saw that cat down in Durham the other day. Went right past me doing a wheelie. :lol:
Thanks for the concern Mad Ogre...I'm chilled out now. Still saving my pennies for a MG though. Those V11's might be even more sexy than a Ducati (sorry Fernando), at least the new ones.

Only two in the country...that sucks...I'll have to have mine brought over from Italy then. The local MG dealer has a Coppa Italia in stock and at first I thought silver, red, green, black, gold, and brown would look crappy together, but after I wheeled it out in the sun it was simply stunning.

Check it out.


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Even in the picture, that's not bad.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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