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This is as close as I'm going to get to discussing certain issues and subjects I said I wouldn't be discussing over here, so latch on while you can.

Being the Token Left Wing Member of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy I'm a big proponent of clean living, organic food (as much as possible), regular vigorous exercise (which I'm unable to do), taking care of one's sleep, limiting nutritional insults like cake and candy, using supplements, etc.. Unfortunately, a possible bodybuilding career was ruined by the injuries I sustained in a self-inflicted car accident at 0530 hours on May 7, 1978, but I learned some valuable things during my ill fated 'career', which lasted until late '83, although I did attempt a 'comeback' in late '85 and had my last workout in January '86.

I learned a positive lifestyle, which I've never let up on until this day. Recently, after lazily succumbing to the convenience of supermarket catsup for my hamburgers, I was in a health food store, buying some staple items and noticed Muir Glen catsup. Gone are the days when stuff in health food stored tasted like cardboard. Whether it's organic chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, healthier versions of soda, delicious breakfast cereals, whatever you want, it's there. I had been wondering if any one of my favorite companies made an organic catsup, and sure enough . . .

I spied Muir Glen. Muir Glen specializes in tomato products like spaghetti sauce and the like, and OF COURSE THEY MAKE CATSUP!!! Well, it's thick, rich tasting, and just plain delicious. More expensive, sure, but well worth it, just in case you were wondering.
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