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Last month my beloved SOG multi-tool went missing. This isn't too big of a loss, as it was old and worn and needing to be replaced anyways.
I think I've had it for 5 years or there abouts.

Looking at all the new multi-tools out now, the selection is staggaring. I like the relatively new Leatherman Super Tool, and I also like the new Gerber Recoil. But are these rugged enough to stand up to hard use? I'm under the hoods of vehicles quite often, or working on a Moto Guzzi, or boat, or working back stage at a local theater company rigging wiring and fixing stage pieces. So the tool will see a lot of work... so it has to be a real tool.

What are the recomendations of this forum?
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I like the tried and true Leatherman. Right now I have a Micra on my key chain and a WAVE in my backpack (I use a wheelchair so a belt is not very useful). I was also able to get both at my local COSTCO so the price was good.

I dont think the WAVE is as beefy or rugged as the Super Tool. That and I don't need the one hand opening thing for the blade. I have my Boa for that. If I didn't, and didn't need such a hard use tool, the wave would be perfect.
When I was shopping I narrowed it down to the Wave and another (the Pulse maybe?). Costco had the Wave packaged with a flashlight in a belt sheath so that made it a no-brainer.

The CRUNCH might be what you need, check here:

This is the one I'm thinking of ordering: ... s_id=54521
I ordered the Supertool 200 today. I was thinking about the Wave but this one is much more rugged with more emphasis on tool than on being super. Nothing fancy about it... I like the selection of tools in it. Like the fact that the tools lock.
Should be quite handy. We shall see.
It's come in quite handy already...
Too many things have been accomplished with it and I've only had it for a week. How did I get by without it?
The Super Tool 200 is beefy. Feels twice as strong as a Gerber. Beefier than the Wave. The Wire Cutters are indeed wire cutters and I used them even on 1/4" Steel Cable with little problem. Blades are sharp, screw drivers drive screws, files file... It's a dandy tool box.
Would have liked a finer philips head, and scissors as well... but this is going to work. Besides, I have a Swiss Army on my Key Chain so I dont really need scissors and those little bits. Unlike some multi-tools... this one is designed for hard work, not occasional light work.
Since I strive not to have to ever work too hard, and that this thing has a 25 (WOW!) warranty, I'm going to have this for a long - long time.
Ordered it from a cool online store too...
Sounds great! I have yet to be disappointed by Leatherman tools.
The other one I was considering was the Charge XTi.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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