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My dog, Ranger.

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Meet Ranger. My dog.
He was rescued from the pound the morning of his schedualed termination. It was a fluke that I walked in when they were about to lead him out.
He was found by the animal control officer running along the highway. The guy picked him up and put him in the pound with some effort. Evidently he didn't want to go with the nice man.
Ranger scared away all who looked upon him for some reason. It seems he was a bad boy when people came to look at all the nice doggies.
When I saw him - I can't explain it... but there was an interesting moment. We bonded.
Ranger is a handful... I'm the only one who can control him... make him come when called... all that.
He breaks his chain or cable about once a month - just to show us he can.
I take him hunting every sunday morning... Well, that is to say I take him out into the desert mountains and let him hunt and I just take a hike and enjoy my time out in "My Church". We have had some interesting discoveries... For example some of the rabbits out here are burrowning under cacti for protection. As Ranger discovered painfully. He laid down with his head in my lap as I plucked the spines out of his snout... he whimpered and yelped a couple times but held still. After I was done he gave me a lick across my snout to say thanks.
He is a great dog... more than that... he is like my best friend. He knows when I'm in a good mood or not. He knows when to come see me and when to leave me alone.... which is more than I can say for my wife of 11 years.
When I adopted him he was marked as a "German Shepard Mix". But looking at him I thought he was a German Shepard/Siberian Husky mix. At USU I had him in the back of my truck when I wildlife biologist came out and saw him... He did a double take at Ranger, and stood there stunned. I was worried that this guy was maybe the one who lost him, and was about to tell the guy to back off. After some conversation and me letting him examine Ranger, he said that Ranger is a Timberwolf and not a dog at all. Whatever.


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He is fiercly loyal to me... and to my family. Very protective.
He killed a HUGE diamondback shortly after we got him, and scared off a roaming pitbull that turned out to be rabid. (After I shot it, it was tested.) And he helped me take care of a slight cougar problem we had last year.
With the colar on, you can't see the thick fur around the neck area... but it's there, held in check by a 2 inch thick leather strap he wears instead of a regular dog collar because he can snap those like strings.

I'm itching to go hunting tomorrow, and Ranger is too. He loves his Sunday Rabbit Dinner!


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I wish I didn't have to chain him... but he has a game he likes to play with the bulls in field out back of us. He calls it playful taunting but he just drives those bulls MAD!
I'm afraid if I let him roam he would end up shot by a rancher... and that threat has already been made to us. So he lives on a chain when he is not out with me. I hate that, but what can I do?

His other favorite game is called wait until the cat gets close and bust off the chain and chase him up to the roof. He doesn't ever hurt the cat... even when cornered... he just likes to scare the cat really good.
Bad Ranger!

But I can't stay mad at him...


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I can relate to the rabbit hunting part. Shannon won't chase balls or frisbees, but she'll chase and kill rabbits in a heartbeat. No fuss, no muss...just the Big Chomp and rabbit tartar is served.
Hey, are you the same Watters that worked on the NATO 3 mod for Rogue Spear?

I scrolled down to look at the picture after I read "Meet Ranger, my dog' and thought... "Taint a dog, thats a hybred" so I'll have to agree with Bio man. I had a Hybred for about 5 years (87% Timber, 12% Akita) which was the most intelligent pet we've ever owned.

Like Ranger Zula (named after Grace Jones in Conan (hey she was black, a bitch, and was a warrior who like the outdoors)) she could tell when to leave myself or Cindy alone, or when we needed attention.

Great pet, very lovable with the kids and protective. She would keep Tiff (who was 5 when we got her) away from things (like running out into the street, or wondering over towards the canyon close by the house) by moving in front of her and not letter her by.

I only saw her get aggressive twice. Once we were at a friends cabin that bordered Denali National Forest when there was a knock on the door. We told the guy to come in and in walked a friend of the owner who lived up there all year. He was a Trapper. He took one step in the cabin, Zula was laying down... she got up and the entire hair on her back from her neck to the tip of her tail went up on end (her tail increased in size about twice) and she emitted this very low growl.... head down her leaning foward. The Trapper just stood there, not moving and went "She's got Wolf in her doesn't she!!" He said that he had trapped a wolf a couple days ago and still have wolf blood on his cloths.

I told Zula to lay down (which she did) and the guy moved to the table and stayed about 20 minutes. Zula never took her eyes off of him and you could tell she was wound up like a spring. That was the first time. Another time we had a friend come over to the house and she brough another friend of her's she wanted me to meet, said he was into guns. He walked in the door and the same thing happened. I told him he needed to leave when asked why I said my pet doesn't like you so you need to leave. I explained to our friend later that night when she returned (she was sort of upset)... after the explination (and she knew Zula) she agreeded with me (well, actually Zula).

Unfortunitly Zula developed an extreamly bad case of Hip Displasa where it was painful for her to even walk (which precluded our romps in the woods and camping) and I had to put her down. Hardest thing I ever had to do.

Thanks for bring back great memories with your pics of Ranger!!

After I put Zula down I went and got a pup Rotty. Her name is Myia (well actually MutSu Valley Lady). She is 11 now and starting to have problems getting around (though she thinks she is still a young pup when she trys and plays with the kids)... this takes a toll on her back knees and she hobbles around for a day or two. Myia is going to be another that is hard to replace.


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Ranger is smarter than I am...

Went out this morning to a new area we hadn't explored before...
This area is a vast expanse of flat with a maze of gullies kinda like the opening scene of "Riddick" but more spaced out… cut by run off from the hills nearby. Deep crevices like mini canyons with very soft sides… the earth is a mix of dust, loam, and sand. Lots of wildlife lives in these huge cracks in the ground. There is more moisture in there and there is more shade… so this is where the critters like to hang out in the heat of a Desert summer day. We flushed some deer, but I didn't take any. I felt bad for doing it, but to be honest I didn't expect to find deer out there. The deer do not have an easy life out here and flushing them forced them to burn a lot of energy that they don't have to burn. Normally those guys like the higher elevations. Note to self: I'm not going back to that area again.

Well, back to the cracks. Ranger can jump a pretty good distance. I had to make some huge leaps myself. But one in particular was a touch longer than what I thought I could make. I ran at it and threw myself into the air… and came up short. I hit the other side and the rifle ended up muzzle first into the soft dirt like a spear… while I was hanging off the edge. The gully there was pretty deep, but I didn't want to fall into it because climbing back out would have meant hiking up the gully to find a place there I could climb out and I hadn't seen such a spot.

Next thing I know Ranger made the same leap and sailed right over my head dropping dust into my eyes. Nice jump. Show off. So Ranger comes over and looks down at me and says, "I've seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion." Shut up and stop drooling on me.

I pulled myself up and out and dusted off. Thanks for the help. "I've got no thumbs, what do you expect?" Sheesh. I looked back at the jump I had just made… Looked a lot farther from the other direction… I wouldn't have tried it had I seen it this way.

The Marlin was fine… the muzzle wasn't even clogged and it wasn't even scratched. Just a shake off and I was good to go. So we go walking further up and a couple minutes later I see a crossing point like half that distance. Crap. The desert can be tricky.

You have some fine looking children, Gunny. Take after their Momma do they? :D

Since Ranger is more "My Dog" than anything... we dedided to get a small one for the kids to play with. We selected a Blue Heeler puppy... Her name is Pepper and she is cute... Heelers are supposed to be very intelligent dogs. But Pepper is the dumbest dog I have ever seen. And I have seen some flat out retarded dogs. Dogs so dumb they will bite and hang onto the mailman's bumper... Pepper is that dumb but too small to actually do it. Cute pup though. I hope she grows a brain...


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Mad Ogre said:
Hey, are you the same Watters that worked on the NATO 3 mod for Rogue Spear?
Yep, I got recruited for ARMM when I made some helpful suggestions concerning the group's first mod, NATO 1. "Hey, you know what you're talking about. Why don't you write our weapon briefings for N2?" (I'm a sucker for flattery... :roll: )

The group is pretty fragmented these days. One of our two ex-Canadian Army troopers is now a member of the RCMP. Our former-US Marine (brought on for N3.5) now works for Red Storm Entertainment, where he is a member of the Ghost Recon 2 development team. Alas, I've lost track of our programmer and our graphic artist. I don't see us ever releasing another mod again unless something miraculous happens.

I'm supposed to be writting a few weapon briefings for a GR2 fansite, but most of my current efforts are going into updating my '5.56mm Timeline' at The Gun Zone.
He he... I talked to you a couple times back on the ARMM website.
Great work.

I am still waiting for you guys to hit Raven Shield, because it is in desperate need for some weapons mods.

GR2? I'll buy that full retail as soon as it comes out.
Mad Ogre said:
He he... I talked to you a couple times back on the ARMM website.
And TFL, THR, private e-mail, etc. I remember when you used to go by the handle Kodiak.
Great work.
Thank you. 8)
I am still waiting for you guys to hit Raven Shield, because it is in desperate need for some weapons mods.
It simply isn't going to happen without someone to do the 3D models. I am art impaired. For that matter, UbiSoft has yet to release the SDK to make any changes to the arsenal. (Or at least at last check, they have not.)
GR2? I'll buy that full retail as soon as it comes out.
I'd wait for the demo. So far, it looks like they are dumbing it down for the console market, and that they intend to port this version to the PC.
To keep this pet related, I can't get anything done on the computer with Shannon in the house. It is hard to type when you are using one hand or the other to stroke her fur. No, I don't spoil her...not one bit. :lol:
I had that problem with Pepper too. Solution was a 5 dollar plastic pool out in the yard... she is content to splash in that thing all day long.

Dumbing down GR? Foolishness. What they should have done was just make the bad guys miss a little more often. Those freaking Tangos are all White Feather Grade Snipers with AKs. Sheesh... tough game. But I can honestly say that I defeated the first one with out any casualties on my team.
Yeah, I love those games... I'm a geek. I dont' play many games... but the Red Storm games I like and some flight simulators... and confession time here... I love Grand Theft Auto. Wickedly fun. Don't play anything much anymore... but they do make excellent de-stressors.
Mad Ogre said:
I had that problem with Pepper too. Solution was a 5 dollar plastic pool out in the yard... she is content to splash in that thing all day long.
Nope, won't work. Shannon is phobic about getting wet. She likes to be outside, but some days it is simply too hot to leave her out for too long.

As for GR and R6, it appears that the marketing pukes at UbiSoft want to lower the learning curve and make it more friendly for the run-n-gun action shooter crowd. I think they have no idea why these franchises were a such hit in the first place.
What beautiful pets you folks have. Mad Ogre sounds like a friend of mine. If I'm a loner, he's seven times one. And I'm a tenderfoot, while he's a consummate outdoorsman, who calls the wilderness his church.

Mad Ogre, I am no wildlife biologist, but I have known some handsome malamutes in my time, and have learned a thing or two about wolves from my abovementioned friend. I will tell you this, Ranger ain't no dog. That's a Jen U. Whine All Smokin' and No Jokin' Wolf you got there, and a right handsome one too. And as for rotties, they can take care of business if they have to, but their main occupation is as silly clowns.
I told Ranger what you said. He licked my face a couple times and put a paw on my shoulder.

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
The big bad wolf...
The big bad wolf...

What really angers me every time I think about it is that part of the obligation to adopt Ranger and thus save his life... was to have him fixed. So a week after I got him, I had to take him in to get sniped. There was no choice in the matter.
This is the best dog I've ever had and when he dies, his legacy ends.
My Brother in law has a full blooded wolf too... she is solid back with blue eyes... just a gorgeous animal. We would have breeded these two. Damitall.
Hmmmm, no chance to have that reversed, ehhhhh???

Just a thought. :D
Nope... his marble sack is empty.
During the summer time, Ranger's coat is thinner, shorter, and sleaker... he looks very dog and no one takes notice of him. But it's starting to get cold again and his winter coat is coming in nice and thick... It's hard to hide the fact that, well, he aint no dog. I've put a thicker collar on him to hold down that wolfy mane he gets around his neck. With the collar off, there is no second guessing him. With it on, you think he's a mix. Funny how a collar makes such a difference.
Pretty puppies y'all.
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