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My Favorite Revolver...

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Hello. It's not the one I shoot most and it was bought "used" but it was like new and the price was right. Though I've cleanly taken a couple of Texas white tail deer with the same caliber, I've shot nothing other than paper, water-filled jugs, and steel plates with this one. It's never been called on to serve as a defensive gun at home or for carry. It's certainly not the most "potent" caliber nor does it have nearly so wide a selection of factory loads available. Most ammunition manufacturers probably underload it.

What it does do for me is provide ample "power" for about anything I might find in my state, Texas. It has proven itself capable of very fine accuracy with light to more potent loads. It is easy to handload for and it has its manufacturer's classic look, something that is fading all too quickly, at least in my view.

Of my current revolvers, I shoot none better than this one.

This S&W Model 24 is chambered in .44 Special, has a 6 1/2" barrel, and is fitted with the now discontinued Fitz "Gunfighter" grips. It has the wide target trigger and hammer. Though I normally prefer the smooth and narrower "combat" trigger and service hammer, I shoot this gun single-action most of the time. It does have a very smooth double-action that could be used if needed.

This favorite cannot compare with the .44 Magnum in power, but it has plenty for my purposes. I'll probably try and take a deer with it this year using either a 240-gr. CSWC handload (Average velocity: 1039 ft/sec with a standard deviation of but 7 ft/sec) or another handload using a 200-gr. Hornady XTP (Average Velocity: 1124 ft/sec with an standard deviation of 17 ft/sec).

This 12-shot group was fired at 50 yards using a rest. It is the 200-gr. XTP handload.

If you happen across one of these, I strongly suggest buying it. They can be a peach to shoot and recoil's not bad at all. Most loads group well, some exceptionally so.

My choice for "favorite" might very well not be yours. I'm extremely fond of my revolvers and really enjoy my Mountain Gun in .45 Colt, but to me, this Model 24 just has
the classic lines I find both graceful and beautiful in an S&W.

Keep your eyes open and again, if you find one at a decent price (or even too high), I suggest latching on to it if at all possible.

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Not to rub it in, but I have two of those. :p The first one I won as a bet with my father (it's got the target front sight). The second one was (and still is) unfired and the local shop was eager to move it at a very very very low price.

They are nice! If I was to run across a third one, I'd probably snatch it up too!

Simply lovely! Reminds me a great deal of my two 25-2s. They just don't make 'em like that anymore, do they? :(
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