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My Blue Sky is mostly Inland with the following exceptions:
- Bolt is Underwood; -U-
- Stock has no markings.
Band is marked ; KI
front sight -SI B
Oiler ; SI
Recoil plate ; WI
handguard ; IO 4Rivet
buttplate not inland
safety; flip typeIV
trigger housing marked inland (on right angle from barrel)
mag catch m underlined HI marked
Hammer marked ; HI
barrel inland general motors mfg 6-44 ( and the infamous "BLUE SKY")
and slide is marked PI and P (thanks wayne)
and when I get a bolt device I'll take apart the bolt and determine whats what, same for trigger group...
So, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for ; INland Stock, Barrel, Buttplate, M mag catch (not underlined) and bolt....

Sounds pretty good so far John, but where are the pictures? :lol: :lol: :lol: I think you are getting "Carbineitis"!
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