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First off, congratulations on your new rifle.
I have a real weak spot for long barrelled, accurate AK variants, so this kind of thing interests me, especially when you describe it as "accurate". I have an SVD, 2 FPK/PSLs, and am currently having Krebs Custom Guns build me a rifle based on a machined Bulgarian receiver and a long Romanian FPK/PSL barrel assembly in 7.62x39 that I got a from K-Var a while ago. Yet another project that has spun out of control.......oh well.

So, when you say the Saiga is "accurate", what are you seeing, and how seriously are you shooting it? By that, I mean- are you shooting Wolf or surplus ammo with iron sights, or better fodder with a scope?
Sorry to be so inquisitive, but it's my nature.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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