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Congratulations on your SCAR. I think the SCAR is truly one of the absolute best of the best combat rifles in existence. It's unfortunate they ask such an outrageous price when in fact, the SCAR is cheaper to manufacture than a piston AR. Now of course, you're always going to charge what the market will bear, but the market isn't bearing the $2,600.00++ price they're demanding. Sure some can afford such a price tag, or some are willing to just save up to buy the absolute best. But I think FN made a huge mistake pricing themselves that high, because they could be selling these by the boat load if they had a remotely reasonable price.

Look at the CZ Bren 805, a rifle that is VERY similar to the SCAR, and actual testing by various government agencies/militaries/LE agencies have show the Bren is every bit as good, perhaps slightly better (or the SCAR is slightly better), for a full $1,000 less. And honestly, the market isn't responding very well to the Bren either, and that's based pretty much exclusively on price.

People who are into guns are like people who are into Harley's...The gun is where you're going to accessorize a lot, and when you start at around 3k, very few are willing to start at such a high price for a rifle that isn't going to do anything their well built AR isn't going to do.

The Beretta ARX initially came in at $1,900 and it was basically flat in the marketplace. Smartly, Beretta has been doing the right thing by bringing the price down consistently so people will give it a serious look. Now, the ARX is selling right in, or slightly above the $900.00 mark which makes it cheaper than some of the better AR's.

Even at that price the ARX is having a tough time in the market, some is due to mistakes by Beretta, and some are the market itself.

I hope FN does the right thing and brings the price down into the reasonable neighborhood. It's one of my absolutely favorite combat rifles, and in the realm of what some will call "Tier one" or "Top Tier" small arms, it has to be at or near the top of any list.

The SCAR is just an exceptionally well thought out and engineered weapon. I think price is part of the reason it hasn't just dominated military sales...I really think FN is just pricing themselves out of the SCAR being THE combat rifle of the 21st century. The lower receiver is no different from making an AR lower, and the upper receiver is monolithic made from a simple single piece of extruded aluminum tubing.

Now materials and manufacturing are absolutely to drawer, and not cheap. But I can guarantee you they make SCAR's for a LOT less than they sell for.

Okay...rant mode off...

Congratulations, you have the absolute best of the best!!!
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