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My kind of smoker!

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Schmit and I came across this beast some time ago. It's called the "Big Baby Double-Barreled Cooker." We both printed out the instructions on how to build it and raved about it for days. I came across the instructions today and thought, "hey, great weekend project!"


Here is the link to the site that has the full instructions and some images of it.

How's that for doing some serious smokin! :rock:
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Okay, now I got myself all worked up over this. Just thinking about the smoked steaks from this thing has my mouth watering.

For those out there as sick as me who want to build one, here is the link to a source for many of the parts for this beast. The rest of them are available from either Lowes or Home Depot. Now the key is finding some new 55 gallon drums.

Look out, a man on a mission! :rnr:

Schmit, when are you going to start building yours?
i can smell those ribs already!!
Working on the main part of this site has caused me to slack off on the smoker project. Now that the warm weather is here the thought of cooking a dozen steaks at one time in that beast has gotten my attention again.
Maybe you can try it on one of these.


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