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My New Toy...

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Got out of Grand Jury around noon and decided to get my patrol car serviced. Called ahead and our shop guy asked if I could hold off for a couple of hours. Great excuse to visit my favorite gun store.

As soon as I walked in, Chad, the owner, knowing my taste for S&W revolvers, told me they had a Model 13-3 for sale.

Be still my beating heart!

Round butt, three inch barrel, in pretty good shape.

I had been wanting one for a while. You just don't see them often around here. It went home with me.

I really like the feel of this gun. If she shoots as she feels, this just might be my new off duty piece.
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Here's a picture for you guys that like 3 inch revolvers. The blued one is a model 29, the guy I bought it from said it was a Lew Horton special, I don't know if that's true or not I don't care anyway. The nickel one is a 25, .45 ACP the box says Specia
l Edition.
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