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My New Toy...

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Got out of Grand Jury around noon and decided to get my patrol car serviced. Called ahead and our shop guy asked if I could hold off for a couple of hours. Great excuse to visit my favorite gun store.

As soon as I walked in, Chad, the owner, knowing my taste for S&W revolvers, told me they had a Model 13-3 for sale.

Be still my beating heart!

Round butt, three inch barrel, in pretty good shape.

I had been wanting one for a while. You just don't see them often around here. It went home with me.

I really like the feel of this gun. If she shoots as she feels, this just might be my new off duty piece.
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I've said before that the 3" round-butt Smith Ks are probably the finest carry revolvers ever made. Congratulations!
Thanks, Snake.

I've owned 2 1/2" K's (Model 66), but this is my first 3 inch round butt, and you, sir, are absolutely correct. The feel and balance of this gun is just perfect. Much easier to handle than a J frame. Heavy enough to dampen recoil and help to steady it during double action shooting, not too heavy to carry all day.

I am really happy with this gun.

Now I gotta find a decent holster.
Yep, I'll second that motion. When I was gunsmithing, one of the other smith's in the shop was really fantastic with S&W revolvers and he built very close to what I would call the ultimate...

He took a Model 12, and screwed in a model 10 3" heavy barrel. Then he counter bored the first 1/2" of the barrel and cut a comp port in the top of the barrel and added a dovetailed in tritium front sight. Chamfered the chambers, beveled the front of the cylinder and did a magnificent action job down to butter smoother 9lbs DA pull. To finish it off, he round butted the frame, serrated the backstrap and had the frame re-anodized, but in a very matte finish. The steel parts were bead blasted and blued for a nice matte blue finish for the whole revolver, then topped it off with a set of Cocobolo Spegel Boot Grips. Man she was a fantastic carry gun.

I'd love to do one just like that, minus the barrel comp...can't stand those. I think he did it on his just because he could.
Kevin, that does sound like a helluva revolver. I am with you on the comp. Don't see much use for one, and the negatives sure seem to outweigh any

But other than that...whoof!! :p
Terry, the envy shoe is one the other foot now--I'm almost glowing green with envy...
Congrats on an awesome purchase! I once had one, and boy, do I miss it!!
Stop by next time you're in the neighborhood, Pete. We'll put it through a workout. :D
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